Models of Execution

Monitor the Programme in Situ in Colleges/Institutions

If the college evinces interest in the concept and programme, we can synergise with the college to formulate a model for initiating transformation at the College level first, and then move on to include the entire state. The college can adopt several models of association.


Organise it in situ in colleges/institutions

Gains for the College

From our perspective, the college stands to gain a lot from participating in such type of programme, the first such programme in the country. 

The gains are-

  • One, the students academic and intellectual ability will improve a lot, which will be a boon for the college as the students’ result will show a drastic improvement; 
  • Two-the students will start securing a career which will make them a goodwill ambassador for the college, 
  • Three-the academic environment of the college will improve as the students start indulging themselves in a variety of activities involving debate, discussion, assignments, field training, within the college premises, 
  • Four-the inflow of quality students to the college will improve, 
  • Five– the implementation of the concept and the exposure of the candidates to some real quality teaching, training, coaching, and mentoring may induce some of the complacent teachers of the college to wake up from slumber, and refreshen themselves again. 
  • Six-Ensemble will keep calling its panel members and advisors to meet the students for guiding and educating them which will elevate the branding of the college, and uplift the mood of the college, 
  • Seven– the net results that will show up in two years of time will bring lot of accolades for the college in the coming years, and 
  • Eight-the effort made by the college will go a long way in the chronicles of the respective college and the head of the organization entrusted with initiating the concept will be remembered for a long time to come.

In this model the college can give its premises but the entire curriculum and its management will be managed by ENSEMBLE.


The Colleges/Institutions can give its premises at a time when it doesn’t have a regular class. We will assist the college to run its classes with the help of teachers drawn from both ENSEMBLE as well as the college. The management of the academics, teachers and the administration will completely be in the hands of ENSEMBLE to assure quality delivery of the content;


The college can have an association with ENSEMBLE whereby the college can assist ensemble to upgrade the quality of its own students and help take the responsibility of transforming the career of the college students in an almost assured manner. The college will take the initiative, take its credit but completely on the advice of ENSEMBLE.