The target group

Students in first year of their college, in +3

What the CSC’s will offer?

An almost secure career chosen for candidates at the level of +2 onwards by taking a complete accountability and responsibility of the students by identifying their talent, classifying their strength, guide them, to mentor them and to help them find a certain result for what they are striving for.

A total of 17 careers ranging from Civil Services to even constables is on offer 

  1. All Government Services and Jobs offered through SSC
  2. Banking Services
  3. Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship development.
  4. Retail Job Trainings
  5. Very High Class School Teachers at both primaey level as well as Secondary level.
  6. CDS and Defense Forces Training.
  7. Judicial Services
  8. A Civil Servant, 
  9. An Academician of world repute, 
  10. An International Business Leader,
  11. A Media Professional of national stature or 
  12. A Member of Legislative Assembly and or Parliament.


Why CSP?

  1. There are Gaps/Weakness in our primary education system which requires a niche training and customized solution which the coaching institutes/tution centres cannot do but require a niche solution and institutionalized solution.

  2. An eroded base which is a byproduct of India’s education system reflected in the students in the form of unbalanced perception management, lopsided scientific enquiry.

  3. Lack of imagination power, under developed thinking and analytical skills

  4. Coaching institutions with their similar type of course and content strategy are not suited to new and changing dynamics of various examinations where there is a need of continuous adaptation and evolution, in an honest and truthful environment.

  5. USP-preparation based on reality and not on perception 

Present position of the Concept

Pilot project in progress and successfully running in three colleges In Bihar. Offers from Ramanujan College, Ramjas College, Delhi Shantiniketan And Vanasthali

How Is The Course Different From A Regular Programme?

Not only does the programme prepare you for various tests and examinations, it also takes care all the deficiencies that you have developed so far as and which your school education has not taken care of. It means that there are no gaps left in the preparation of the candidate, the candidate is bound to be successful. This is ensured with a unique pedagogy

How Will an Almost Certain Result Be Ascertained?

  1. Building a supra strong foundation for bearing any amount of information and concept load.

  2. Well-researched sequencing of topics and flow of topics for minimized effort in studies and a filtered and uninterrupted evolution of concept.

  3. Minimization of the students’ effort through creation of a learning-based environment rather than only studies-based environment. Learning method is expanded beyond the confines of text bound and class bound studies.

  4. Teaching by the best teachers of in India drawn from Delhi, Hyderabad, Allahabad and some of them from local College as well.

  5. Major emphasis on imagination stirring explanation, rather than a dictation based class with an aim to minimize the students’ effort and improve their versatility.

  6. Specifically designed and customized curriculum and teaching methodology as per the psyche of the aspirants.

  7. Creation of a reality-based rather than perception-based opinion for all avoidable speculations and clean filtered opinion that doesn’t clutter up mind and that is so defendable.

  8. Availability and creation of study material and books beyond which nothing will be required for preparation.

  9. Assistance to students for bettering other career prospects.

  10. Customized and out-of-the-box solutions to specific problems related to Civil Services preparation.

Features of the Programme

  1. This programme is a career security programme which has specifically designed and customized curriculum and teaching methodology  as per the requirement of the 21st century india. The basic theme of the programme is preparing the  students for an almost certain secure and dignified career.

  2. Our programme is completely based on the mentoring process and is not done in either the manner of coaching or with the intent of coaching.

  3. The modus operandii is to build a very strong foundation for bearing any amount of information and concepts.

  4. We have sequenced the topics in such a manner that would minimize efforts in learning a particular topic; content and subject.

  5. Customized and out of the box solutions to specific problems related to Civil Services preparation.

  6. Specific Assistance to students for bettering their College or University Examination.

  7. Specific division and customization of the education and learning process through training, coaching, teaching, and mentoring process by the best minds in the country.

  8. Availability of study material and books beyond which nothing will be required for them. This minimizes the effort of the candidates to an unimaginable extent.

What makes this programme so unique

Pedagogy for the Programme: In order to provide an almost certain result, ENSEMBLE has devised a unique pedagogy, that is unparallel, and that will speed the learning process, in its journey towards certain results. This includes a phase wise implementation of the programme beginning with identifying the problem of the candidates and filling the gaps that have been left in their school education.

Phases in which the programme will move

The candidates will be subjected to 2 years and 2½ years foundation courses, that will seek a total transformation of the candidates. 


Foundation Stage

The foundation stage is a must for all candidates pursuing different careers. It envisages  

  • Fill the gaps in the education and transform and improve the personality of the candidates.

  • Counsel the parents and students to bring the best in their a career leap.

  • Build a solid foundation, making them revise whatever they have studied till date.

  • Subject them to Neurolistic Learning Programming (NLP).

  • Improve their language and observation.

Train them into building social capital, social bonding, reading newspapers, magazines, observe people in editorial and teaching capabilities, etc. and 

Make a global citizen to master the locations of the entire world and India, know the background of events, all the problems that the world and our country is facing as well as be civilized and well-mannered.

All these ingredients are important for the candidates to ease their effort that will be required to gain knowledge in almost every subject a person should know. This will also prepare the candidates to widen their horizon of thinking as well as prepare them for constables, and Retail Job training. An offshoot of this programme will be to train them for CSAT as well.  

Knowledge Stage

Knowledge stage helps the candidate to prepare for different exams that do not require deeper analyses but a broad and wide information base coupled with a developed attitude for awareness

The candidates come to know of Science and Technology, Geography, Indian and International Economy, International Relations, Indian Polity, Governance, History, Heritage, Culture and Society. Incidentally, these subjects make up the syllabus of the Civil Services examination, and must be studied by everyone to be successful in various other fields. This level trains and prepares them for All Government Services and Jobs offered through SSC. Banking Services and trains them for Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship development as well as Retail Job Trainings.

Differentiation Stage

Having gone through the two stages, all the students will be prepared to take any career they wish to, based on the advice of our psychologists after subjecting them to an intensive one week talent and career identification programme. The various career may be:

  • Civil Services – By the best teachers and mentors drawn from the best Institutes of India. This includes both central Civil Services as well as state PCS

  • Academics – Based on the advisors, the candidate will start mastering a subject after he has been coached to qualify for GRE, to write articles in newspapers, books and monologues. He/she will be given recommendations by the scholars and academicians of repute to facilitate admission in the topmost universities of the world.

  • Business Management – Candidates having business orientation will undergo rigorous training for CAT and SAT by the best trainers drawn from the well known institutes and Individual trainers who have carved a niche for themselves.

  • Legal Luminaries – Students who have legal and logical resoning and have the aptitude of interpretation of any matter logically, can convert their skill into becoming legal luminaries- judge or or an eminent legal professional.

  • Journalism – Students who are logical, have a flair for writing, and are ready to convert their pen into a weapon, will be trained to write newspaper articles, edit a book, prepare investigative reports, and then, will be sent to the best media academies.

The motto is to provide proper training on attitude and knowledge. The students who are best fitted for the job will be picked up, given the best training available in the country and sent to the best places for further training. When their interest and entertainment becomes their profession, and they have been subjected to best possible training in their attitude, they are bound to excel in that field. In fact, they are the people who will change the country and thus be known throughout the world.

Our Strength

  1. A panel of world repute comprising advisors to PM, Secretaries to the Govt of India, Academicians of national level.

  2. Very high academic credentials with endorsements of Vice chancellors of 6 University.

  3. Past Results of Civil Services

  4. Experience of 20 years for a Chief mentor and his brand

  5. A pool of trainers who can and are likely to transform the lives of girls through perception management.

  6. A technology platform that helps to provide online support to the candidates during their training period as well

  7. Very good content that is under constant revision

  8. An experience of 20 years in running institution and managing it.

Pedagogy for the Programme

In order to provide an almost certain result, ENSEMBLE has devised a unique pedagogy a pedagogy that is unparallel, and that will speed the learning process, in its journey towards certain results. This includes a phase wise implementation of the programme beginning with identifying the problem of the candidates and filling the gaps that have been left in their school education.

Unique and Extraordinary facilities to the students

  1. Accessibility to the best teachers who can really transform any candidates future, rather than bank on new generation coaches, having limited knowledge and who themselves require attitudinal correction.

  2. Choice of teachers /coaches and trainers who can be called on students request and/or from where the students want to go for studies/classes/coaching.

  3. To call any specialist from any where in the country within the framework of mentoring process.

  4. The students can share the problems and find solution with the people who feel for the candidates and are concerned about the country.

  5. Have insider information into what the organization is, which is conducting their exam is thinking, and accordingly mould their preparation.

  6. Availability of material and unhindered access to that knowledge source from where model answers are framed.

  7. The students manage the entire programme with complete transparency on the same lines as is being managed in one of the best business schools in India and on the same lines as ISB, Hyderabad.