What do we seek to create?

For students

  • Provide a Complete Career Security to students in different districts by opening Career Security centres.
  • Give the students the best career that they are capable of rather than what they seek for.
  • Make the students enjoy the career they chose.
  • Entrust and make the students ready for the career that they are most capable of.
  • To create a parallel value loaded social transformation for the state and for the children who do not know their talent and their potential and who are in their formative years.
  • Provide a parallel training programme for non science, non IIT, non Medical students.

For Girls

  1. Transform of the psyche of girls that they become the most important contributors to society, the country, and its people.
  2. Prepare a platform for girls so that they can play a significant role in the diffusion of the concept and the philosophy for empowerment.
  3. Equip girls in a manner that they themselves become harbingers for change.