Programmes For Girls (A separate programme)

The Concept

  1. Transformation of social milieu of the country to make the girls career ready and future ready.
  2. Prepare a platform for girls so that they can play a significant role in the diffusion of the concept and the philosophy for empowerment.
  3. Equip girls in a manner that they themselves become harbingers for change.
  4. Transform the girls psyche to an extent that they can diffuse any ideology, any concept, and idea both vertically and horizontally
  5. Create a social movement that can force transformation in a manner that suits 21st century literates.

Type of Programmes

  1. Personality transformation as a tool and mechanism for relationship development and improving employability.
  2. Identification of talents and providing them a career as per their talent and attitude, not only as per the trends prevalent in the society.
  3. Preparation Career Security to students in the first year of College to provide them five different and assured careers—Civil services, academics, Business Management based on Glocalisation, New Age Media, and even Social Activism