Provisions With The Candidates

  • Accessibility to the best teachers for Civil services, who can really transform any candidates future, rather than bank on new generation coaches, having limited knowledge and who themselves require attitudinal correction.
  • Choice of teachers /coaches and trainers who can be called on students request and/or from where the students want to go for studies/classes/coaching.
  • To call any specialist from any where in the country within the framework of mentoring process.
  • The students can share the problems and find solution with the people who feel for the candidates and are concerned about the country.
  • Have insider information into what the organization is, which is conducting their exam is thinking, and accordingly mould their preparation.
  • Availability of material and unhindered access to that knowledge source from where model answers are framed.
  • The students manage the entire programme with complete transparency on the same lines as is being managed in one of the best business schools in India and on the same lines as ISB, Hyderabad.
  • Over 200 hrs of success to the portal
  • 40 books on different subjects, beyond which the students do not require anything at all.
  • Animated video lectures prepared in documentary form with a story like explanation. These videos are prepared by the best animation experts, choicest video galleries, original footage laced with authenticated facts to ease your understanding, increase retentivity and improve imagination. Two hours of the classroom is reduced to just half an hour of fun watching and learning.
  • A second and separate recorded lecture includes Explanatory videos in a classroom atmosphere.
  • A complete study material in a structured form will be made available to you either via post or print out or in any electronic form. The chapter includes everything that the topic requires. It is a formidable compilation drawn from the best sources available in the world for Civil Services-NCERT, SCERT, Government Reports, The Hindu, Yojana, Kurukshetra…….and what not. Nothing is required beyond that.
  • Practice Online Tests along with evaluation.