Work Ready, Career Ready, Future Ready For Girls


Personality enrichment for 21st Century Girl


Girls are more intelligent than boys, more stronger than boys, more value loaded than boys, and more sincere towards their work than boys.Girls are not getting a level playing field as there is enough discrimination of girl child.

Without the girls having a level playing field, half of any country’s population goes for a waste, unproductive and of no use. They become a liability rather than a resource. If the girls are transformed in any country then not only half of the population becomes useful, rather the governance improves, administration improves, the crime rate drops, the value quotient improves, and the place becomes more livable and happy.


  • To bring about a complete transformation of girl’s attitude and personality after +2 to make them career ready and future ready.
  • To train them and manage their perception so that they appear in sync with nationalist Government, in tune with nationalistic fervor and have a personality, communication and convincing power that will allow them to diffuse any concept, idea, movement event, and policy that is build in favour of the country without question.
  • Create a specific force of the youth to counter any anti national narrative.
  • Take responsibility of the career of the girls and categorise them as per their talent to have a secure career by Imparting specific skills related to computer training, hospitality, teaching, training, DTP, Locality Governance. Family management at one level and Civil Services, management, Journalism, and Academics.


This personality development programme will provide following benefits to the girl student.

At the outset, the programme is intended to improve the learning capacity among the girls. The girls will not only get training, not only will they study, but they will be mentored to make a value judgement about the environment in which they live.

  1. It will help distinguish her perception from reality.
  2. It will enable her to improve her decision-making environment and rationalize it to adopt in different milieu.
  3. It will help her to choose careers as per her talent and attitudinal requirements.
  4. It will help her understand the country and the world better.
  5. The girls having undergone personality development program me will be able to understand their academic environment and their studies better.
  6. The girls having undergone such a programme will be able to understand their emotions better and understand their emotional differentiation.

The contents of the programme will be immensely helpful in bettering students for their life, for their career and to pick up diverse challenges in future. This is because the programme seeks to

  1. Improve the learning environment by
    1. Inculcating tricks of learning
    2. Simplifying learning
    3. Enhancing imagination
    4. Instill observational learning
    5. Helping build social capital to diffuse and disseminate learning
  2. Help think out of box to have solution-oriented attitude.
  3. Improve the results of University examination
  4. Instill creativity to help futuristic self programming




College Girls just out of their 10TH or +2

Modules of Self-Management

Weekly slots


Resource Person

Nature of Experience and Source

Week 1

Understanding Gender and Sex




  1. The Physiological, Philosophical, moral and ethical basis of relationship

To be inserted with routine.

Interactive and Exchange based


  1. Men & Woman how and why are they different


Class & Lesson


  1. Relationship “management”: Principles and Practices


Class & Lesson

Week 2

II.              Basic Grooming




1.        Understanding differences between




(a)     Personality & Looks


Interactive and Exchange based


(b)     Beauty and Appearance


Interactive and Exchange based


(c)     Fashion and Style


Interactive and Exchange based


o  Why clothes are essential, and why not




o  Enhancing appearance




o  Make up & other techniques




o  Style statements




o  Dressing & how to carry cloths in private and public




2.       Time Management



Week 3

3.        Language and Communication Skills


Class & Lesson

Week 4

4.       Getting Successful: Happy and/or contended


Interactive and Exchange based

Week 5 & 6

III.  Basic Etiquettes




  1. Body Language


Training Session


  1. Understanding and managing people with aura,


Training Session


  1. Responding and balancing in tune to people with awe, aura, respect, naughtiness


Training Session


  1. Enhancing confidence


Training Session


  1. Social and Business Etiquettes


Training Session


  1. Getting together: Partying and types of get together: Enjoyment vs networking vs Social Capital motive


Training Session


  1. Dance forms: Learning, practice and its manifestation


Training Session

Week 7& 8, 9

IV. Hobbies and Interest




  1. Managing hobbies and interest


Interactive and Exchange based


  1. Travelling & World Geography


Interactive and Exchange based


  1. TV & Newspapers: Managing authentication, genuineness and gossip


Interactive and Exchange based


  1. Cooking and Hosting


Interactive and Exchange based

Week 10

V. Family and Home




1.        Understanding difference between Home & House


Interactive and Exchange based


2.       Family and Extended family: how to do it, manage it and extend it


Interactive and Exchange based


3.        Home Management


Interactive and Exchange based


4.       Decoration and Aesthetics


Interactive and Exchange based


5.       Budgeting and Economy


Interactive and Exchange based

Week 11 to 23

VI. Being Strong




1.        Understanding your body




2.       Understanding yourself


Training Session

Interactive and Exchange based


3.        Understanding your emotions and differentiating it


Interactive and Exchange based


4.       Understanding issues around you


Interactive and Exchange based


5.       Me as a brand


Interactive and Exchange based


o  Knowledge of Indian History and Culture


Class and Training


o  Knowledge of Indian Economy and Business


Class and Training


o  Attitude and Perception Balancing


Class and Training


6.       Understanding Legal rights


Class and Training


7.        Managing stress


Field Study Trip


8.       Holistic living


Class and Training

How Will the Students Benefit out of It?

  1. Building a supra strong foundation for bearing any amount of information and concept load.
  2. Well-researched sequencing of topics and flow of topics for minimized effort in studies and a filtered and uninterrupted evolution of concept.
  3. Minimization of the students’ effort through creation of a learning-based environment rather than only studies-based environment. Learning method is expanded beyond the confines of text bound and class bound studies.
  4. Major emphasis on imagination stirring explanation, rather than a dictation based class with an aim to minimize the students’ effort and improve their versatility.
  5. Specifically planned motivational training for the parents to give maximum attention to the creation of a learning environment in situ, right at their place of learning.
  6. Creation of a reality-based rather than perception-based opinion for all avoidable speculations and clean filtered opinion that doesn’t clutter up mind and that is so defendable.
  7. Availability of study material and books beyond which nothing will be required for them.
  • Assistance to students for bettering their Degree/University exams.
  • Customized and out-of-the-box solutions to specific problems related to career.
  • Recommendations by the doyen of the field.

Why the girls have been chosen

  1. The girl students have been specifically targeted and chosen for a variety of reasons.
  2. Girls are equally or even more talented than boys but they do not get a level playing field to show their talent.
  3. Investment on a small amount on girls can bring a major return as an indirect social gain as well as a massive social gain in the form of enhanced prestige.
  4. It will be an excellent initiative to empower women, the first such initiative on women empowerment in the entire country.
  5. While the boys do get a chance of getting out of state for their education, it is the girls who are left behind.
  6. It is easy to mould a girl child/student in comparison to a male student given the social milieu in which the boys are brought up, and it is easier to obtain a desired result from them.
  7. The initiative is likely to give an assured result, given their psychological make-up and sincerity towards work, the value, which they carry, and the ambition that they have.
  8. Girl students are most likely to form a better social capital and develop strong bonding among themselves to make such programmes successful in comparison to boys.
  9. The girls are likely to diffuse any transformation in their personality much faster than boys.
  10. Girls in states represent the symbol of social change and are a very potent medium of social upliftment of the state and society as was evident with the symbol of girls on bicycle, which transformed the image of Bihar.

What the students will get?

  1. All desired books and materials beyond which they do not require anything else.
  2. All the passwords associated with their online content
  3. Free unlimited access to all of Ensemble’s online content.
  4. Animation And Virtual Reality Based Chapters
  5. A tablet where they can see all online teaching.
  6. Tickets For Field Study Trips And Education On Wheels
  7. A 100% Secure Career With A Bright Future

What will be the impact

  • Field Study Trips, Utilisation in Mass planting, Mass diffusionary education, and Education On Wheels will create goodwill and will convert them into ambassadors of peace and diffusion.
  • A captive audience who can work for tilting public opinion.
  • A committed transformation force and a nuclei
  • Creation of a new generation of girls who are career ready and future ready
  • Girls suited to an evolving Gig Economy.
  • Enhancement of college/University branding because of the novelty of the project.
  • State level branding, which may spur a national level branding because of the novelty of the idea. (A project of its kind that exists nowhere in India)
  • Create a new breed of soldiers capable of withstanding a perception war, negating a perception war and waging a perception war


Rs 20,000 to be presented as being managed and sponsored by EHF (to be projected in that manner)