Patna Womens College: The Pilot Project

Why the Girl Students have been chosen…?

The girl students have been specifically targeted and chosen for a variety of reasons.

  1. Girls are equally or even more talented than boys anywhere in India, but they do not get a level playing field to show their talent.
  2. In a metropolitan society, where the focus and attention becomes quite wavering, maintaining spirit and purpose requires specific mode of training, teaching especially for girls. 
  3. It will be an excellent way to empower women, one of the first such initiative on women empowerment in the entire country.
  4. It is easy to mould a girl child/student in comparison to a male student given the social milieu in which the boys are brought up, and it is easier to obtain a desired result from them.
  5. The girls are likely to give an assured result, given their psychological make-up and sincerity towards work, the value which they carry and the ambition that they have.
  6. Girl students are most likely to form a better social capital and develop strong bonding among themselves to achieve success in comparison to boys.
  7. The girls are likely to diffuse any transformation in their personality much more faster than boys.
  8. Girls in India will represent the symbol of social change and are a very potent medium of upliftment of national spirit, and the state and society of our country. 
  9. Girls form better administrative officers, as they are more organised, have a better intituitive power, and are multitaskers.
  10. Girls are less prone to corruption in comparison to boys, and thus their focus of attention is mostly on work, on making things better.
  11. The whole nation stands to gain when girls, forming the 50% of the population, is educated.